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    Whole System Preservation: The Digital Heritage of Vilèm Flusser

    If the documentation on the workings of computer system has been lost or is too laborious to recover, a complete system with all its software and data can be encapsulated in a standardized container format. The conserved system can be brought up at any time through a web interface.

    EaaS in the Cloud: Rhizome's Theresa Duncan CD-ROM release

    Rhizome's goal was to re-enact three style-defining art game CD-ROMs from the 1990's on the web. Without users having to install any additional software or download an emulator or a disk image, the games should be played in their completeness on any modern browser. Rhizome launched a Kickstarter project Chop Suey, Smarty and Zero Zero available to their audience free of charge.