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    Transmediale CD-ROM Art Archive

    transmediale, first running under this name in 1998, is one of the most important festivals for media art in Germany.

    In the course of its existance, the festival accumulated a collection of more than 400 pieces of CD-ROM based art, a form that was very popular and influential around the turn of the millenium. Most of the collected media contain software created by artists that is impossible to run on contemporary systems.

    The large amount of artifacts required a new approach: instead of restoring and evaluating every single artifact, they are grouped together in classes, their performance is measured based on expectations.

    A CD-ROM is selected based on metadata from the transmediale archive, a system base image is chosen to insert the data into.

    The artifact runs and can be tested for its performance the emulator.

    A set of freely configurable expectation are manually checked for adequate performance. A screenshot can be saved to represent the artifact.

    The artifact is prepared for presentation.

    If the artifact is set for “public” access, it will show up on the archive’s front page, ready to be started.