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    Starting emulator...

    The Vilèm Flusser Archive owns a personal computer associated with the production of a software titled "Flusser-Hypertext". This computer contains a rare working copy of the software which is dependent on the obsolete authoring system HyperCard.

    In order to present this interactive variant of Flusser’s work to the public and to save it from being lost with the foreseeable failure of this personal computer’s hardware, its hard disk was imaged and deployed to the bwFLA Emulation as a Service system and combined with a fitting pre-fab emulator and CRT emulation enabled.

    "Flusser-Hypertext" is based on a lecture Vilem Flusser gave at the Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe in 1989. The software was produced in the context of Projekt Elektronisches Buch by Bernd Wingert, Knud Böhle, Ulrich Riehm, Team Fidelitas and Hinrich Harms in 1992.