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    Functional Long-Term Archiving

    Digital data is highly volatile, the processes and systems that make use of it even more so. Initially creating data and establishing workflows is very costly, in an ever-changing technological environment the upkeep presents a long-term challenge. To fulfill their designed purpose over a long period of time or for making research results, documents and decisions of today verifiable in the future, efficient and authentic access is required.

    In most cases the best way to render a certain digital object is using its creating applications, since these cover most of the object’s significant properties, hence providing an authentic and possibly an interactive user experience. Therefore, emulation is a key strategy to provide a digital object’s native environment and thus maintain its original characteristics, look & feel and utility.

    Emulation as a Service

    Emulation as a strategy for digital preservation is about to become an accepted technology for memory institutions as a method for coping a large variety of complex digital objects. Hence, the demand for ready-made and especially easy-to-use emulation services will grow. In order to provide user-friendly emulation services a scalable, distributed system model is required to be run on heterogeneous Grid or Cluster infrastructure.

    The Emulation-as-a-Service architecture simplifies access to preserved digital assets allowing end users to interact with the original environments running on different emulators. Ready-made emulation components provide a flexible web service API allowing for development of individual and tailored digital preservation workflows.

    Learn how emulators are deployed on demand …

    Use Emulation as a Sevice to …

    • Reproduce, verify and quote scientific experiments
    • Access historic digital documents and software in their native environments
    • Re-enact business processes and understand past decisions
    • Conserve Digital Culture highly authentical and easily accessible
    • Enable crowd curation – Share and Care